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Back to the Feature – Kader Sylla

...05 BY BRIAN GABERMAN // (RIGHT): KADER SYLLA CIRCA 2018 BY ANDREW PETERS Spanky was the star of our last ‘Back to the Feature’ so it made sense to pay homage to this legend, even though he is definitely still considered a very relevant and current professional skateboarder. This photo is from 2005. Kevin said it might have been his first hurricane photo, and he’s now famous for them. That makes Kader about two-years-old when this was...
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Back to the Feature – Kevin “Spanky” Long

...being such a good sport. If we ever have to do this again we gotta pick something that is gonna make us look a little better. (LEFT): NATAS KAUPAS CIRCA 1990 BY SPIKE JONZE // (RIGHT): KEVIN SPANKY LONG CIRCA 2018 BY ANDREW PETERS Pure smiles with the king of style, Natas Kaupas, current day. Check out other Back To The Feature episodes right here and come back for more adventures through the skate-space-time continuum....
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Back To The Feature: Don ‘Nuge’ Nguyen

...’d chosen the right trick again. If he didn’t make this trick we were gonna throw him back down Baxter St. So he managed to sack up, pull it together and learn a new move. Now he’s just gotta take that one out to a new spot for Baker 4!      For more adventures through the skate-space-time continuum check out other Back To The Feature episodes with Eli Reed, Mike Anderson, Aaron Herrington, Louie Lopez, and  Tom Remillard....
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Back to the Feature – Eli Reed

...lped develop the culture, nurturing all the skateboarding talent that came through and inhabited the city. This Back to the Feature was the perfect chance for Eli to pay homage to one of the greats by going backwards over the cone with a Switch Melon Grab. The original photo was shot in June of 1989 by one of skateboarding’s master lensman Bryce Kanights. When we got to show him our attempt at recreating his image he replied:  “One thing is...
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Back to the Feature – Tom Remillard

...errain ripper in his own right, would take a crack at replicating Dressen’s first Independent Trucks ad for his Back to the Feature submission. What’s always been fun about these features is that, along with getting to dig up a photo of a trick and test its staying power, you also get to revisit a spot and see if and how time has affected it. Kenter Canyon School, the old school Dogtown TF, has been getting burn since the 70s—long before Tom Remi...
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