Ten Stupid Questions with Karina Rozunko

The 2022 Monster Children Annual is out today and its insides are looking much better than your insides after a weekend of drinking mimosas in the sunshine.

It’s very nice to look at, even better to read and your grubby little fingers get to touch the pages in the process instead of quickly flicking out of the Monster Children tab on your computer when your boss walks past. Plus Karina Rozunko is in it. You’re probably reading this thinking we’re about to give you the interview. We’re not. But we are giving you ten stupid questions with the Queen of Cool to tie you over until your copy rocks up in your post box. Take it away, Rini.

What is your email sign-off?
A simple ‘Thanks.’

Do you think banana bread should be toasted with butter?
I think everything needs butter on it.

How do you like your eggs?
With butter.

Do you know if your parents had another name lined up for you, if so, what was it?

Describe the colour yellow.
Yellow is sour like a taxi cab in the heat of summer in New York City. It’s also soft, like my couch.

Have you ever laughed so hard after just drinking something that it has come out of your nose?
All the time. My friends must be funny.

What car do you drive?
1983 Toyota Tercel.

What are you looking at right now?
My wet dogs who aren’t allowed inside yet.

What’s your most used emoji?
A love heart, the red one.

The last song you played on Spotify?
‘Vivid Youth’ by the Pastels, Tenniscoats.

There you have it, folks, the pleasantries floating inside Karina’s brain. The full-length interview is available within the pages of the 2022 Monster Children Annual, which you should definitely order a copy of right now.

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