14th Street

Dog Days NYC

Photos & captions: Ben Pier

Photographer Ben Pier finally got out of Coney Island and made his way back to The City.

‘Hey Cromer,’ he said in an email addressed to our editor-in-chief, Jason Cromer. ‘I spent the last couple of weeks kicking around the gritty. Summer seems unstoppable here, so I give you part two of my NYC adventures: how to enjoy the dog days Manhattan style. Enjoy!’

At some point, you’re gonna have to cross that bridge into Manhattan and go where the action (and your fancy friends) is (are)…

…like this legend…

…or this one…

…and also this dude.

This is how you’ll live in the city even if you have a ton of your dad’s dough.

Always great to take in the sites and smells of NYC.

Do yourself a solid: take a break from the bars at some point and hit the park.

Take in some local sporting activities.

Don’t fuck up and miss Berta’s BBQ, though.

Then you can hang with the locals…

Look at art…

Walk around with your headphones on. Bring your camera.

Oh, and try to find a rooftop loft party with a hot tub if you have the chance.

And buy a t-shirt to let people know you’re part of it.

I’m off to Portugal, will report back soon.

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