Welcome to Coney Island 2022

Words & Photos: Ben Pier

Hey Crom! I just spent the last couple of weeks in NYC. Pretty weird to be back.

I stayed deep in Flatbush, Brooklyn and wanted to see how the scene was holding up through the power of street photography. So this is that. I ate a bagel every day and went to Coney Island a bunch since it was closer to where I was staying than Manhattan. I just got my scans back and wanted to share them with you and your Monster Children. Maybe they could be some sort of guide to Coney Island? I wrote some dumb captions. Have a look!


First things: wake up and get a bagel toasted with cream cheese, red onion and tomato. Salt and pepper to taste.
Next, go see my buddy, Seth. He runs this bar called Pearl’s in Bushwick. It’s been a mainstay for over a decade. There is a photo of me on the wall from my glory days living in this town. It always makes me wanna drink more.
This is a drink that Seth will serve you out of one of those Slurpee machines.
Out of this machine, I mean.
Okay, now that you’ve had a couple of slushy drinks, you want to make your way to the Q train and head to Coney Island.
The train runs outside after a min, so you’re gonna wanna put the phone down and look at your future and inevitable demise: The Cyclone.
Welcome to the boardwalk! You’ve made it to the happiest place on earth (do not look anyone directly in the eye).

If eating disgusting tubed meats is your thing, go ahead—do yourself a solid and cop a few of these at Nathan’s.

Time to meet the locals.

Make sure you take a ride on this and drink a shitty margarita before you leave. And then leave.
Find that train back to where the cool kids live and have a nightcap at Pearl’s.

Next week: Ben makes the pilgrimage from Flatbush to the island of Manhattan.

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