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An Interview with Quasi Team Member Justin Henry

...on’t know about all the strippers and stuff but I’d go kick it at the Fantasy Factory. With Rob. Go in the foam pit with that mini dirt bike. I only added in the strippers because I know Rob used to date strippers. Yeah he used to date strippers. All his girls were strippers or something. Now dude has a family. What’s one of the biggest misconceptions about life in the Midwest? Jesus, that everybody’s hick. Don’t get it tw...
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An Interview with Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto

...icularly when we started. I mean, we came out of a hardcore scene in America that had started out with a really incredible, creative energy, but had kind of ossified into something that had become really ritualistically violent with some pretty intense misogynist undertones and it started to make us feel really uncomfortable. I bet. We just felt a responsibility to do the best that we could to make sure that everybody in the room got to enjoy the...
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Midnight Oil 1984: An Incredible Snapshot of Australian Music and Politics

...clips, along with recent interviews with band members and their crew, the documentary shines a spotlight on an incredibly compelling time in Australia’s history. But it was the live footage of the band playing all-ages shows in overcrowded, under-ventilated shitholes that really brought on that sense of Sehnsucht I was talking about. Everything just seemed so electric. There were no phones, no social media poses, no rules. Everybody was just the...
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Todd Francis Makes Art For Antihero Skateboards still retains a totally DIY punk-rock approach to their skateboarding, their attitude and their artwork. Now in his 40s, I ask Todd what it’s like to live through multiple eras and trends, both in skateboarding and in art. “If I were to say that I just stick with one thing and cling stubbornly, I think that’s how you get old overnight and no longer remain relevant,” he says. “We all pay attention to what everybody else is doing and then we do...
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Artist Evan Rossell Talks us Through His Alter Ego

...boards, clothes, houses, walls, ramps and more. Sometimes sinister, almost always colourful, they’re the kind of drawings you want to reach out and hug, getting a little prickled in the process. Stink explained his fantasy squad in an interview with CONVICTS as: “They’re the crew I never had. The surf crew, skate crew, graffiti crew that I wish I had…so these are just a bunch of little Hairy Fools. Then from there, I was like ‘Everybody can...
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