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Posted by Monster Children - 19.04.2014

Zoo York in Aus

To coincide with the landmark opening of the first Zoo York concept store in Emporium Melbourne, Zoo York is proud to announce a lightning Australian East Coast tour with U.S. skate team riders Chaz Ortiz, Kevin Tiernay and Dave “Black Dave” Willis. They’ll be joined by local Oz ZY Skate Crew including Tawa Hayes, Aaron…

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Posted by Paige - 16.04.2014

Leica’s ‘Let Us Roam’ with Arto Saari

Leica‘s new series, Let Us Roam features iconic figures in skateboarding including Greg Hunt, Arto Saari, Ray Barbee and Atiba Jefferson. It focuses on how skateboarding is a gateway drug into other creative fields and ways of expression. Episode 2 discusses Arto’s transition from skateboarding to photography.

AcidDropB&W (2)
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Posted by Monster Children - 16.04.2014


Los Feliz’s new skateshop Kingswell is hosting an art opening this Saturday to showcase Acid Drop’s refurbished, hand painted novelty skateboards. The collective will also display a short 8mm film.

Daryl Angel Cover
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Posted by Paige - 09.04.2014

What Daryl Angel Did Today

What does Daryl Angel do each day? Does he play basketball? Does he steal fruit? Does he make necklaces out of macaroni and give them to the homeless? The answer in each case is no. So what does he do each day? Does he write Frasier fan fiction? Does he furiously masturbate to a photo…

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Posted by Paige - 08.04.2014

Earl Sweatshirt x Lakai

Earl Sweatshirt from OFWGKTA has a collab shoe with Lakai out now. The line features a series of t-shirts, hoodies, bucket hats, socks and a four colourway series of the Lakai Camby shoes. Photos by: Sagan Lockhart

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Posted by Paige - 08.04.2014

Daryl Angel – Behind the Scenes

Tomorrow we’re premiering Martin Reigel‘s What Daryl Angel Did Today video, which was shot one sunny morning recently in California. Here are some photos that I took from the day.

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Posted by Crombie - 08.04.2014


Flashback. Montreal,1966. A young National Film Board of Canada (NFB) director named Claude Jutra has just made one of the world’s first skateboarding films. It is called The Devil’s Toy. “Très bien, Claude,” says Claude, turning off the projector and lighting a French cigarette, “vous avez fait le Citizen Kane du cinéma à roulettes, vous beau salaud. Google…

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Posted by Su Young Choi - 05.04.2014

Nike SB Australia just released a really really amazing video titled “Two Up”

Nike SB Australia have released their highly anticipated video Two Up featuring OZSOTY Nick Boserio and Alex Campbell. Guided by Australia’s best skate filmmakers Chris Middlebrook and Geoff Campbell, this is the best production that’s come out of the country in recent times. 2 of the most powerful and interesting personalities from Australia blaze around…

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Posted by Monster Children - 05.04.2014


Nautilus is a video portrait made by Matt Payne that showcases the subtle nuances of pool skateboarding from a baroque cinematic perspective. Huntington Beach’s Jake Reuter takes his relaxed, improv approach from wall to wall with an ease that tends to downplay the sheer gnarliness of some of the shit he does. It’s almost as…

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Posted by Paige - 04.04.2014

Shit Going on in Skateboarding: 4/3

Hooooolllly FUCK. Most proper, massive noseblunt on a rail, probably ever. He locks in as solid as a brick wall at the top and just sits on it until it’s finally time to get out … and just casually rolls away. Fuck.

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Posted by Paige - 03.04.2014


We’ve just launched the most beautiful zine you’ve ever laid eyes on and it has a bunch of pictures that Mike OMeally and Brian Kelley took with the HUF Worldwide team for our Australian for Tour project. While down under, we taught the Americans a thing or two about the Australian dialect. HUF X MC…

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Posted by Su Young Choi - 03.04.2014

Snowed in at Subliminal

We all know the joke about the seasons in Southern California, we don’t have ‘em! Or we get lucky and skip the shitty ones. Kids from the Rockies all the way across the US map, to the North East don’t have this same luxury. Skating through the harsh winters is nothing but a challenge and…

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Posted by Jam - 02.04.2014

LET US ROAM – Ray Barbee

An incredible film portrait into legendary skateboarder, Ray Barbee. The film takes us through Barbee’s passion for making sweet sweet music and for getting behind the lens – in his eyes, both were only made possible through skateboarding.

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Posted by Monster Children - 29.03.2014

Lost in the Bends

Our only agenda for this trip was to simply take the scenic route to Auckland and skate along the way. We escaped the back-to-back festivities of Wellington’s Bowl-A-Rama week with a brimming van and with the Corona Airstream in pursuit we headed north. We made it there in the end, but the windy roads gave…

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Posted by Monster Children - 28.03.2014


On July 8th the 3ECK Collective out of Berlin, Germany will begin building their next project at Stattbad Wedding, Die Welle-Wedding Wave. Over the years 3ECK has been working with Stattbad Wedding (an old boys and girls club) to create skateable installations that you could only dream of skating, built entirely in an emptied out…

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Posted by Lui Elliott - 28.03.2014

Shit Going on in Skateboarding 3/27

Since not jack shit happened this week, I decided to write a review of Supreme’s first video, ‘Cherry,’ filmed by Bill Strobeck, which has been in the works for about a year and 8 months.