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Posted by Su Young Choi - 22.07.2014

Sydney movements

Collection of Sydney skateboarding footage featuring our friends Sammy Winter, Bjorn Johnston, Chima Ferguson, Josh Pall, Ryan Wilson, Jon Lorcan, Juan Onekawa, Dean Palmer + more. Shot and edited by Luke Smith.

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Posted by Crombie - 18.07.2014

SMOKE: The Etnies Marana E-Lite

I met Ryan Sheckler while we were shooting his story for the Mike D issue. He (Ryan) was a super nice dude. Tripped me out how much he got recognized, though. Everywhere we went people would run up and ask to get their photo with him. He was always really cool about it. I got…

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Posted by Jam - 10.07.2014


Last week Tas Pappas sat down with MC to speak his mind on the past, growing balls and skating again. The film ‘All This Mayhem’ tells the story of him and his brother Ben defeating Tony Hawk and becoming crowned International World Champions within a year.

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Posted by Crombie - 10.07.2014

CHIRP: A Collection of Andy Jenkins Illustrations from The Skateboard Mag

Do you get emails from the legendary artist Andy Jenkins? I do. I get them all the time. Here’s today’s: Hey Stud. I’ve started a Kickstater page for a new project we’re working on.  A 7″ x 7″ book filled with the best of my Skate Mag drawings — most of them created for a particular…

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Posted by Monster Children - 09.07.2014


Dylan Rieder’s debut signature shoe for HUF Footwear, the Dylan, has dropped. Check out the video alongside a photo gallery of the man himself in Berlin, shot by Ryan Allan.

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Posted by Monster Children - 01.07.2014

Crocodile Done Deal

Got a spare 20 mins today? Fourstar Clothing went to Australia earlier this year and came back with this epic video piece. In what other video will you see Brophy ollie over a bike rider, Koston air off an esky and Brian Anderson escape near death in the Melbourne harbour? None!

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Posted by Monster Children - 28.06.2014


Mike D said “Method Man is going to interview Ryan Sheckler for #43.” We said “Yeah, right.” And then a few weeks later, the craziest thing happened – Method Man interviewed Ryan Scheckler for #43. Nixon presents this behind the scenes video, shot by Erik Bragg from the day of the shoot.

Joey Pepper
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Posted by Jam - 11.06.2014


Transworld Skateboarding, Manual Magazine and Corona NZ present their latest film ‘Body of Water’. Walker Ryan, Dennis Busenitz, Joey Pepper, Josh Matthews and Nestor Judkins soak in Kiwi country.

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Posted by Adam Comber - 30.05.2014


Some great European skateboarding has appeared online over the past two months. Anybody with Instagram probably saw Lucas Puig’s insane manoeuvre at MACBA, however I want to talk about a few features that may have fallen under the radar. Eurotrash was a programme that used to air on late-night British television. Although it mainly comprised…

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Posted by Monster Children - 29.05.2014


Leica have released another short film from their “Let Us Roam” series. This episode follows Atiba Jefferson from his humble beginnings in Colorado to shooting the best skateboarders, basketballers and musicians in his home of Los Angeles, California

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Posted by Adam Comber - 24.05.2014

Skateboard Cafe

Yesterday, the Skateboard Café guys released a video to accompany their Spring/Summer 2014 drop. Featuring Mike Arnold, Josh Arnott, Shaun Currie, Korahn Gayle, Harry Ogilvie and a special cameo by Mark Pritchard, this is a sick video that should make you want to go skate and/or eat a donut.

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Posted by Monster Children - 20.05.2014

CONS Project Melbourne

Converse is launching their newest project CONS Project Melbourne, in Melbourne next month. Over the next two weeks ambassadors Kenny Anderson, Nick Trapasso and Mike Anderson along with locals Andrew Brophy, Bryce Golder, and Dean Palmer will be leading free DIY creative workshops that mix art with skateboarding. Opening day is Saturday, June 7 at 17-23 Wills Street….

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Posted by Monster Children - 19.05.2014

Shop Talk: Escapist, Kansas City

Escapist Skateboarding in Kansas City, Missouri just wised up and started selling Monster Children magazine in their shop. The owner, Dan Askew answered some of our questions below. Weirdest customer experience? It would have to be this kook who said he was sponsored by DC, but they haven’t been sending him his boxes lately and…

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Posted by Monster Children - 19.05.2014

Vans Love Letters with Rick and Buddy

In the upcoming season of Vans Love Letters, Grosso talks all things skateboarding with people like Templeton, Alva, Hawk and his son. Su Young Choi catches up with Buddy and Rick about filming the series.