This Black Metal Guy, Russell Nachman

There is something extremely comforting when a person says, “these guys,” and theyʼre talking about the characters in their water-color paintings. Any time I walk into a room and someone, throws on a Kris Kristofferson record and gladly accepts the six pack of beer Iʼm offering, I get this feeling like, “Shit. Weʼre gonna get along.” Suffice to say we started to get cozy in no time.
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Ten Years of MC // Raymond Pettibon

Artist Raymond Pettibon's work is featured in our book "Ten Years of Monster Children Magazine." Read Jamie Brisick's interview with the elusive but iconic Pettibon from Issue 28.
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What Daryl Angel Did Today

What does Daryl Angel do each day? Does he play basketball? Does he steal fruit? Does he make necklaces out of macaroni and give them to the homeless? The answer in each case is no. So what does he do each day? Does he write Frasier fan fiction? Does he furiously masturbate to a photo...
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This is one of the best skate flicks we’ve ever seen–if we do say so ourselves–and you gotta watch it. If you only watch one video featuring Austyn Gillette, Josh Matthews, Joey Peppers, Peter Ramondetta, Dylan Rieder, Kevin Terpening, and everyone’s favorite foul-mouth, Sammy Winter today, let this be it. Below are images from the...
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Everybody In: Episode One

Episode One features Costa Mesa surf-rock band The Growlers as they prepare for their absurd annual neo-psychedelic twelve-band festival 'Beach Goth' in Southern California.
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Posted by Paige - 18.04.2014

Record Store Day! with Pink Mountaintops

Record Store Day is this Saturday!!! And in spirit of my favorite holiday, I went over to my favorite record store, Origami Vinyl to discuss this most special day with Neil, the owner and Pink Mountaintops lead, Stephen.

AcidDropB&W (2)
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Posted by Monster Children - 16.04.2014


Los Feliz’s new skateshop Kingswell is hosting an art opening this Saturday to showcase Acid Drop’s refurbished, hand painted novelty skateboards. The collective will also display a short 8mm film.

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Posted by Katja Horvat - 15.04.2014

Captivating Synchrodogs

That moment when imagination and reality come together, blending in a mesmerizing outcome. Haunting images with an eerie feel despite all the color use. Meet the Ukrainian art-brut savage duo Synchrodogs.

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Posted by Monster Children - 14.04.2014

Lens: Matt Lief Anderson

July finally came around and I headed home from where I was living in Istanbul to start the trip I was planning for months: A trip 4,000 miles from LA to the last road north in Alaska’s Arctic Circle.

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Posted by Monster Children - 19.04.2014

Zoo York in Aus

To coincide with the landmark opening of the first Zoo York concept store in Emporium Melbourne, Zoo York is proud to announce a lightning Australian East Coast tour with U.S. skate team riders Chaz Ortiz, Kevin Tiernay and Dave “Black Dave” Willis. They’ll be joined by local Oz ZY Skate Crew including Tawa Hayes, Aaron…

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Posted by Paige - 19.04.2014

California Drought Puts Sled Dogs Out of Work

Here’s a compelling letter concerning the drought in CA that we just received from our pal, Dan who writes for The New York Times. Last December I was on a climbing trip in Bishop, Calif. when I met a couple locals at the Mammoth Hot Springs. It was a pretty epic place and I was…

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Posted by Monster Children - 18.04.2014

Art Tonight in LA

LA-based photographer, Mark Rubenstein‘s new work, “A Light at the End of the Road” is opening tonight from 7-9pm at Hemingway and Pickett. The series, which took Rubenstein three years to complete, is influenced by filmmakers Terrence Malick and Katsuhiro Otomo for their representation of the ever-changing world around them. 3208 W Sunset Blvd, Los…

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Posted by Paige - 18.04.2014

Gabriel García Márquez (’27-’14)

The Colombian winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and my favorite writer, Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez has passed away today after 87 years. Below is an excerpt from his celebrated novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, which is influenced by his childhood growing up in Aracataca in his grandparent’s house. Since his…

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Posted by Monster Children - 18.04.2014

Jack Freestone’s Favourite Stuff

The Rip Curl Pro has just kicked off down at Bells Beach so we caught up with Bells local and SDS ambassador Jack Freestone to chat about some of his favourite stuff. No surprise that Ms. Alana Blanchard was mentioned. We also got these great lifestyle shots of him throughout his day. Photos by Hayden…

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Posted by Monster Children - 18.04.2014

Epokhe shades featuring Jana

I found the motel tucked away in a side street at the local tourist hot spot. The place was absolutely deserted, so I rang the bell on the counter of what I could only assume was reception. About two minutes later an elderly lady with a her leg wrapped up in a cast came hobbling…

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Posted by Alex Schmidt - 17.04.2014

youTube Boob

Whether you’re sitting around drinking, or trying to get stoked to skate, I’ve found these 5 videos entertaining and somewhat inspirational. Take them as you will, I know I have.

photo 1
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Posted by Monster Children - 17.04.2014

In Print: Free Thinkers

Free Thinkers is a bi-annual zine curated by Lifetime Clothing as another venue on which to communicate their ideals and exchange ideas. “We are all a Collective of Free Thinkers, and there are stories to tell.” Issue #6 features the likes of graphic artist/designer Brian Roettinger, the music of Oxford Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death,…

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Posted by Paige - 17.04.2014

Keep It Simple Opening in Melbourne

This month in Melbourne, Backwoods Gallery is hosting the prominent street artist Stabs‘ new show, KEEP IT SIMPLE. After recently spending time in Jakarta and Yogyakarta painting with local graffiti crews there, he has filled up an entire journal documenting his trip entirely using his own language of glyphs. KEEP IT SIMPLE is his presentation…

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Posted by Monster Children - 16.04.2014

WIN: Delta Riggs X Wrangler Australian Tour

Last week Melbourne’s The Delta Riggs dropped ‘Supersonic Casualties,’ the first taste of what to expect from their forthcoming album Dipz Zebazois. To celebrate, The Delta Riggs will be taking their new sound up and down the East Coast throughout two massive weeks in April presented by Wrangler Australia. Wrangler is giving away double passes to each paid…

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Posted by Monster Children - 16.04.2014

Deadbeat Club: Field Trip

This weekend, Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose will present a photography group show by Deadbeat Club entitled Field Trip. The show features the work of six photographers: Grant Hatfield, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton, Clint Woodside, Devin Briggs and Nolan Hall, all of whom are friends and share a similar idealistic view of photography, while…

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 2.25.55 PM
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Posted by Paige - 16.04.2014

Leica’s ‘Let Us Roam’ with Arto Saari

Leica‘s new series, Let Us Roam features iconic figures in skateboarding including Greg Hunt, Arto Saari, Ray Barbee and Atiba Jefferson. It focuses on how skateboarding is a gateway drug into other creative fields and ways of expression. Episode 2 discusses Arto’s transition from skateboarding to photography.

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Posted by Monster Children - 16.04.2014

Brian Jonestown Massacre Tambourine Man Debuts Video

Joel Gion of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s maraca- and tambourine-man fame has finally shot off on his own and is pursuing a solo career. Here’s a rad new video the outfit just put out.

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Posted by Monster Children - 15.04.2014


Not all of us spent the $400+ and schlepped out to the ravy dustbowl of Coachella; some of us lurked around on the outskirts at the more mellow parties. The 72-hour Vestal Village was our pick alongside a bunch of friends, including some of the Brixton and Raen teams with their stocked RVs. Here are…