Behind the Shot: Mark Gonzales by Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt tells the story of how his iconic shot of Mark Gonzales came to be, and it involves a roof, a Ming dynasty vase and a $100 chocolate bar gifted to P Diddy. Read it the story behind the shot here.
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From the Mag: Dylan Rieder

Happy Birthday Dylan. See Ryan Allan's photos of the man himself shot for issue #34 of Monster Children here.
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Posted by Zach Baker - 27.05.2015

Brian Delaney for DQM

Did you even know that they dump sand on the roads in New England? Well, they do. And it fucking sucks. You can see it piled up all around the landing of Brian “Dutchmaster” Delaney’s ender in his most recent DQM edit, which is not-even-arguably the chillest backside tailslide in history.

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Posted by Lincoln Jubb - 23.05.2015


The annual Vivid Festival kicked off in Sydney last night, with the entire city lighting up for the fortnight long festival of lights, art and music. The centrepiece of the two week festival is the annual Music at the House program curated by Sydney Opera House: Vivid LIVE. The opening night saw Detroit native and folk lord–Sufjan Stevens, as well as British electronic bass maximalist–Squarepusher take the stage.