Yuck! Period Blood Is Red?

What the fuck—period blood isn’t blue?

Of course, I’m being silly. I’ve known period blood is the color of regular blood since I was 23. I saw it in my girlfriend’s knickers and fainted from the grossness. Of course, I’m just mucking around. Getting your period is a part of everyday life for most people with vaginas, but why do sanitary napkin commercials always do the absorbency demonstration with blue dye? They don’t use blue dye when some kid grazes his knee in a Band-aid commercial, so why do they use it instead of red liquid in pad ads? It’s not like they need to show a flood of viscous, clotty menstrual fluid splashing about the place—we’re talking about fake blood, the stuff they use in Dracula movies. We’re all grown-ups. Or are we?

Apparently, we aren’t. Last month the period pad company Libra ran TV ads that genuinely depicted young girls and women getting their periods. In one scene, a girl removed a blood-stained pad from her undies; in another scene, blood ran down the leg of a woman having a shower.

Ad Standards, the folks that deal with complaints about ads, received over 600 objections to the commercial. Every complaint was dismissed, but here’s what some the complainers said:

‘Bodily secretions shouldn’t be shown on TV ads.’

‘I am absolutely appalled that Libra has chosen when I was to talk to my seven-year-old little girl about periods.’

‘The images portrayed in the ad are disgusting and demeaning to women.’

‘Showing girls bleeding is wrong at any time of the day.’

‘Wait, period blood is red and it comes out of their pussy? YUCK!’

Anyways, all a bit a silly, but what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section we haven’t provided.



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