Your Neighbor Ain’t Got Shit on Aaron Farley – A Studio Visit

People often say that LA is filled with douche bags and hacked-up boob jobs, and while that might be true, it’s also equally filled with talented, creative, and inspiring natives and transplants that make this city vibrant in opportunity and that je ne sais quoi that should really translate to “anything goes“.

Originally from Washington, Aaron Farley has made LA his home for years, even co-owning THIS gallery in Highland Park before it became Slow Culture. The photographer and fine artist shows us a bit about his art, his process, and his surroundings from his home studio in Altadena.

“The opportunity is kind of endless if you take it” – Aaron Farley

We took some time one afternoon cruising over to see Farley’s digs and what he’s been up to. While we weren’t expecting to get a driveway concert from his neighbor who just so happens to be a classically trained violinist, we were down for it.

Photo by Andrew Peters

With more studio space came larger pieces of artwork, as Aaron Farley expanded beyond photography into sculptural pieces – most notably his puzzle-like designs similar to the piece titled “Wave Jaron auction here. He’s been experimenting more with different materials, colors and designs to create everything from custom bookshelves to 3 dimensional walls and other works of art.

Photo by Mike Anderson

Watch more of our studio visit with LA photographer and artist, Aaron Farley as part of our ANGELENOS series with DTLA Vans.

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