Your Home Is Now the Bar With ‘I Miss My Bar’

Do you miss your bar? I miss my bar. I miss all my bars: the Lovely Day basement, Finelli’s, The Cricketers Arms, Milano’s…

I especially miss Milano’s. God, I had some good times in there. That’s the best bar in New York City by far. They got a jukebox, cheap drinks, a supernaturally eclectic clientele, and you can dance if you don’t mind people pointing and saying, ‘Look how drunk that guy is.’ In Sydney, the bar is the Cricketers. Although, with the Cricketers, you gotta keep going until they give up on being sullen and surly. That’s the hallmark of any good bar, though. Who wants to drink somewhere where the bar staff are instantly friendly? Yuck. Get away from me. That’s just fucking weird.

But, there ain’t no bars right now, is there, folks? With exception of everyone who isn’t in Sydney or Melbourne or wherever else the shops are shut, the bar—if it happens—is in your home, on the couch, alone with cold tears trickling down the neck and into our pyjama top. Gosh. It really sucks sasquatch nuts. I for one am absolutely over it. But now here’s some good news: someone has made a little website that enables you to lay bar sound effects over Spotify playlists. It’s called I Miss My Bar and you can click here to check it out. Will it help fill that big bar-shaped space left by the pandemic or will it just bum you out more? Who can say? Give it a whirl.


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