You Could Own The Pub From David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ Video!

One of my most enduring memories of David Bowie is the video for his 1983 hit ‘Let’s Dance’.

Bleach-blonde Bowie playing guitar in white gloves inside an Aussie pub with afternoon pub-goers dancing around him. It’s a beautiful scene, and the watering hole in question, The Carinda Hotel, is now on the market. Located in the town of Carinda in northwest New South Wales, the iconic pub is listed on Gumtree, of all places, for the tidy sum of $220,000. That’s right, for half the cost of the average home, you can now own this incredible piece of music history. The only downside is the rural town has a reported population of just over 150 people, so if you love the hustle and bustle of city life this might not be for you.

‘Carinda is a hard-working town that gets right behind supporting local [people]
and you will meet characters that you will only find in the outback and friends
that you will hold for life,’ reads the advertisement. The pub remains unchanged since Bowie’s visit and functions as a sort of Mecca for those who revere the Thin White Duke. ‘Let’s Dance’ hit the number one spot in 15 countries worldwide and remains
one of Bowie’s biggest hits. Produced by Nile Rodgers and featuring a guitar solo
from Stevie Ray Vaughan, the film clip was Bowie’s attempt at condemning
racism and oppression while expressing his hope we could all live together as one.

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