Yeppoon Plunger Wave Pool Set For $180 Million Upgrade!

What’s the most polarising topic in surfing? Twin fins? The WSL? Mandatory vaccinations? No, it’s wave pools!

Since Ke11y Slater unveiled his perfect man-made tube on top of Adriano de Souza’s world title in 2015, surfers have been obsessed with wave pools and how they might transform/tarnish the sport. Those in the transform camp are lovers of life simply looking for a bit of variety and novelty in their favoured hobby. Those in the tarnish camp are steadfast surfing purists who insist that they’ll never set foot in one (‘that’s not surfing’) and spend their days scrolling the feed to shit on wave pool-only surf clips. Regardless of which camp you’re in, the numbers don’t lie, people read wave pool stories. So here you go!

Remember the plunger wave pool located in that mid-north Queensland town you’ve never heard of (read: Yeppoon)? Now that the pool technology is down pat, the developers are looking to expand the spot into a year-round holiday resort, and are seeking investors to fund it. The first stage of the proposal is to put in a skate park, scuba diving ‘hole,’ recreational lake, playground, solar farm and accommodation consisting of 50-plus cabins and comparable camping sites. If you have a spare $122 million laying around, then you could be the sole investor.

If that’s not enough—and you have some more coins you don’t want to invest in crypto at your weird cousin’s behest—then you can also fund stage two of the developments including a 100-bed accommodation unit, a ’boutique hotel,’ another water playground and a bunch of cafes and restaurants totalling a mere $187 million.

‘It is anticipated that the approval process will take some months to complete,’ the update from Surf Lakes Holdings read. ‘Next steps will be centred upon funding followed by construction scheduling pending approval.’ And don’t forget, the plans are for a wave pool that pumps out 2,000 waves an hour with five different sections to surf. It isn’t open to the public yet, but plans are to launch sometime in 2022.

If Yeppoon, however, is too far to trek, then you’ll have to hope that one of their planned 50 pools around the globe opens near you. Personally, I’m hoping they build one smack bang in Sydney’s inner west for that perfect fusion of soft boi yuppie and aggressive landlocked surfer.

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