XR Rebels Hit Parliament House

The climate change action group Extinction Rebellion has descended on the nation’s capital.

Just hours ago, around ten members of the group—whose core strategy is ‘mass disruption of city centres through nonviolent civil disobedience on a global scale—superglued themselves to the steps at Parliament House, graffitied the adjacent lodge and set fire to pram. Now, you could be forgiven for having never heard of XR, but you won’t be forgiven for not backing them. Their mission is to keep the planet habitable for future generations by ‘mobilising 3.5% of the population to achieve system change.’

Here’s what the guy who won’t be PM for much longer had to say about the protest (be sure to imagine him holding up a piece of coal):

‘The Australian way is not what we have seen with the vandalism in our capital today. I don’t associate in any way, shape or form that foolishness with the good-hearted nature of Australians who care deeply about this issue, as I do. Action will be taken against those who have committed those offences in our capital today.’ Then, to make clear that he’s on the right side of the climate issue, he said this: ‘We cannot ignore the fact that the developing world accounts for two thirds of global emissions and those emissions are rising. That is a stark fact!’ Then, of course, he blamed someone else: ‘China’s emissions account for more than the OECD combined.’

This latest XR protest is a response to the 2021 IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)’s report, which basically says we’re fucked unless policy makers immediately wake up and smell the emissions. Give XR a follow on Instagram and keep abreast of their activities. Or remain docile and keep Scotty and the gang happy.

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