Woody Gooch

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-1Photos and Captions by Woody Gooch

The Gooch, he’s 20 years old now. ‘That sounds old’, he says. He’s wrong. It doesn’t sound old at all. Twenty sounds heaps young. It is heaps young. The Gooch is heaps young and the Gooch also might be the pre-eminent rising star of surf photography in the world.

The Gooch is from the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Living and growing up just south of the famous surf zone of Noosa, there’s a whiff of the Noosa-fornian logger and photographer Dane Peterson in the Gooch’s frames, but his obsession with skating in his adolescence adds a flavour to his work, too. He doesn’t name a favourite photographer when quizzed, but says thought his inspirations shift daily, he’s ‘psyched on journalism and documentary photography at the moment.’

The Gooch shoots with a Nikon. He’s a Nikon guy. He even says that—‘I’m a Nikon guy.’ ‘Since I picked up a camera it was Nikon. I’m shooting with two digi bodies and f100 with various lenses’, he says. The Gooch has been shooting for six years now. But it’s been the last two years that the Gooch has been able to turn the dream and hobby of photography into an actual proper paid gig. ‘I guess its a full time job now’ he says. Is that the dream? ‘I guess if you’re doing the thing you love, you’re close.’

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-2Ian Cosenza flying down the line at Desert Point.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-3 Matt Cuddihy at home staring into a white canvas.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-4The scale of intimidation.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-5Video games turned real.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-6The last glimpse of our day, Byron Bay.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-7A shattered ice lake northwest of Tokyo.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-8Wade Goodall, spinning and spinning.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-9Husni Ridhwan, Batu Karas, West Java.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-10Harrison Roach going full throttle down a Javanese Highway.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-11The howling offshore winds of the Catalans, New Zealand.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-12Andrew Brophy, Brisbane.

monsterchildren-woody-gooch-13Dane Peterson Weaving, dodging and everything else, Malibu, CA.

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