Woman Who Cut Off Own Hand Jailed For Insurance Fraud

You can’t make this shit up. In one of the most bizarre stories I’ve read this year, a 22-year-old Slovenian woman has been convicted of insurance fraud after deliberately chopping off her hand.

Looking to get rich quick, Julija Adlesic and her partner colluded to rip off several insurance companies in their hometown of Ljubljana. Adlesic put the couple’s plan into action early last year by signing lucrative contracts with five different insurance companies. If she were to be seriously injured, Adlesic stood to receive a whopping US$1.2 million payout, with half paid out immediately and the rest in instalments over a number of years. Like any sane person, Adlesic and her boyfriend agreed the best way to convince the insurance companies she was legitimately injured was by hacking off her hand.

Now, I’m not one to judge, but surely there are simpler methods of making a buck than removing an extremity? Surely medical trials, OnlyFans, or busking are better alternatives. They claimed Adlesic had accidentally lopped off her hand at the wrist while cutting branches with a circular saw. She was rushed to the hospital soon after the incident for treatment, conveniently leaving her hand at the scene of the crime. Authorities quickly deduced Adlesic had left her hand behind to ensure the disability was permanent, so police were sent to recover the limb, which was successfully reattached.

Initially, four members of Adlesic’s family were detained in conjunction with the grisly scheme, but only two were convicted: her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s father. During the trial it was revealed Adlesic’s boyfriend had been researching how artificial hands work on the couple’s computer, something prosecutors used as further proof the incident was planned. Even though the evidence pointed to a scam, Adlesic claimed innocence throughout the trail.

‘No one wants to be crippled,’ she told the court. ‘My youth has been destroyed. Only I know how it happened.’

Despite her pleas, the court found Adlesic guilty of attempted insurance fraud and sentenced to two years in prison. Her boyfriend also got three years in prison while his father received a one year suspended sentence for his part in the scam.

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