Wollongong’s First Bar-Hopping Music Festival

Have you ever been to a fridge-to-fridge?

When you and your mates attempt to finish all possible drinkable liquids in one house before moving onto the next house. One time I went to a ‘zoo animals’ themed fridge-to-fridge dressed as a turtle and got so pissed, I forgot where I locked my bike for three weeks. It wasn’t until a mate sent me a picture of the bike tied up next to the surf club, with my makeshift shell tied on the front, did I remember putting it there. I also lost all of my dignity because, without my shell, I was just another person walking around in a green morph suit on the Gold Coast. But this isn’t about that. It’s much more dignified.

Introducing, Wollongong’s inaugural Last Light Festival: a seven-venue, live music bar crawl. Last Light Festival is kind of like a fridge-to-fridge, with all seven venues all within walking distance of the Gong’s CBD (except there won’t be any people dressed as hammerheads falling head over the handlebars from unsuccessfully doubling up a hill). They’ve got the best picks of the small bars in the Gong, including Black Cockatoo, Five Barrel Brewing, Howlin Wolf, The Little Prince, Red Square, Moomin and the Shy Postie.

Across each bar are stages set up for different genres, playing a mix of indie, alternative, garage, punk surf-rock and jazz, as well as some solo stages and DJ mixes to simulate front left Tepee Forest, if you please. Whatever your style, there’s something for you. The line-up is full of local talent, including Cool Sounds, Flowertruck, Lex Deluxe, Debbies, Ainsley Farrell, Baby Beef, Lady Lyon, Ruben Neeson and way more. And the best bit? It’s completely free.

The festival is a celebration of the people that give so much to us: small bar owners and musicians. Think about it—your local bartender has probably seen you in your most vulnerable state (crying or vomiting), maybe even more so than your mum, and yet they still have the decency to ask how your day has been like nothing ever happened. And let’s not forget the musicians who’ve had to cancel, reschedule, cancel, reschedule more than anyone ever should. With small business owners and musicians taking the biggest hits from Covid, Last Light offers a festival-style experience designed to go ahead… even if they tell us we can’t dance.

Check out the full lineup and RSVP (for Covid purposes so they can keep a track of numbers) here.

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