Wishful Thinking with Kristen + Luke

Rising from the ashes (more on this later), Kristen Liu-Wong and Luke Pelletier joined our Blue Ribbon Studios in-residence initiative with Pabst Blue Ribbon for their art show, Wishful Thinking, and it was a hoooooooot.

As you know, COVID just keeps ravaging the world with its misery and destruction, particularly in the arts community. That’s why Monster Children and Pabst were like, hmm.. let’s do something. So you might’ve noticed we’ve been pumping out a bunch of art shows that stem from in-residence programs with all kinds of artists across all kinds of spectrums.

This show, Wishful Thinking, is a true collaboration between Pelletier and Liu-Wong, who worked exclusively together on each art piece to create something entirely unique. And thank goodness they’re here. Not only have these two artists been impacted by COVID-19, but they’re former studio space with Los-Angeles based gallery, Superchief, exploded right before the whole pandemic, sprinkling salt on a fresh wound. Ouch.

Now, though, it’s all turned out well, and these two artists have kept creating and eliciting joy with masterpieces featuring colourful tongues and technology coming together as one. Check out the video above. We hope it inspires you to keep making art in these weird and difficult times.

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