In the latest issue of Monster Children we had a competition. It worked like this:

…we’ve hidden the words ‘Jazz,’ ‘Pancakes,’ and ‘Herpes’ all through the text. The first person to find them all and send a photo of themselves holding a knife against their tongue and looking insane will win a free T-Shirt!

Has to be the stupidest competition in the history of competitions. When we (or I, because I’m the idiot that makes this kinda crap up to see if it’ll actually go to print) came up with idea for the ‘Jazz,’ ‘Pancakes,’ and ‘Herpes’ comp, we really didn’t think anyone would have the time, energy, or mental instability to actually enter, let alone enter and get it all right–but someone did, and his name is Kenny Gutierrez.

Well done, Kenny. Your prize is in the mail!



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