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Andrew Brophy (by his own admission) is not getting any younger, but he’s at the top of his game and skating better than ever.

To be fair, he’s only 34, which means he has at least another twenty-six years before slamming means a trip home on the bus to change his pants, and that’s a long time in skate. Our plans were to catch a flight up to QLD to check in with the man himself and get his thoughts on the new JBL Boombox2 (plus skate his backyard park), but unfortunately, we’re living in the days of the dirty dreaded COVID-19, so we had to settle on sending a pigeon back and forth. Read on for our interview with Brophy and don’t forget to enter at the bottom to win your very own JBL Boombox2, Brophy Girl Skateboard Deck, and $200 HUFFER Jacket.

How have you been keeping for the last few months? Not a bad place to be holed up during this crazy shit.

​All is well up here in Noosa, just not travelling as much for the Euro summer because of the COVID situation. But that’s all good, we’re all in the same boat together.

We are. How much skating have you been able to do?

​Shit loads (laughs). I skate the backyard park almost every day for a few hours with the kids.


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But in all honesty pink is the 🔌. #popsecret

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That’s pretty sweet.

Yeah, a total blessing to have that at the moment, for sure. As for filming in the streets, I try to hit Brisbane every weekend but sometimes it’s hard with the kids’ weekend activities.

Right. Seems like you’re keeping pretty on top of your fitness these days. Tell us about that.

​Yeah, totally. I’m 34 and not getting any younger. And I’ve had my fair share of surgeries; two knee and one ankle surgery, so I just want to make sure that I’m playing the game smart so I can skate for as long as possible, really.


That’s the goal right, do what you love for as long as possible?

Yeah, totally.

So, I just do my daily routine of exercises to keep the old body happy and healthy.

Cool. So, what are you working on right now? Have you been filming around home?

​Yeah, at the moment I’ve been working on some stuff for the new Chocolate video, but as you know, travelling is not happening so it’s a challenge.

Yeah, yeah.

So just skating Brisbane for most of it, really. Then there are some Go-Pro projects coming up, so it’s looking like a fun end of the year even with the restrictions.

That’s awesome. So, what tunes have you got on high-rotation right now?

​Same old, same old: hip hop, house, rock. I’m not overly fazed to be honest. I’ll run Big L, Pop Smoke, electro (laughs). I’m all over the shop with it.

Who is running the Boombox at the spot?

Whoever has charge on their phone.

As simple as that?

I’m not fazed with whose running the tunes—that’s on them (laughs).

Where else would you take the Boombox apart from skating?

The beach, the dirt bike track, car races, camping. That thing goes everywhere.

Cool. And finally, what are you gonna do now you’ve finished this Q&A?

Pick my kids up from school and go skate.

Nice. Thanks, Andrew!

No worries, mate.

As we promised, enter below for your chance to win a JBL Boombox2 and more stuff we stole from Brophy’s garage. 

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