Win a La Marzocco Linea Mini Home Espresso Machine

This might be the greatest and best giveaway we’ve ever given away. How would you like to own your very own La Marzocco Linea Mini Home Espresso Machine?

It’s a beautifully designed, hand-crafted commercial-grade quality coffee machine for your home. Not one of those rinky-dink numbers where the frothing wand coughs and sputters like it’s got pleurisy—this is the real deal. La Marzocco. You’ve read that name a million times in the million cafes you’ve ordered a million coffees from, and now (if you win the comp) it’s gonna be in your house thanks to Allpress Espresso and Monster Children (and La Marzocco Home. Grazie mille, La Marzocco Home)

Also, we had our mate, the incredible Nathan Pickering hand paint ‘First Thing’ on it in 24kt gold leaf (I suggested ‘Espresso Yourself’ and got crickets) and you’ll also receive a years supply of Allpress Espresso and some MC merch including our latest apparel, the Jonah Hill Guest Editor Box Set, and more.

But about that coffee machine valued at $7,000 (told you it was a good one). The Linea Mini Home Espresso Machine is a dual boiler home espresso machine with an integrated brew group that, according to the boffins at La Marzocco, ‘allows the machine to achieve the temperature stability and energy efficiency of the saturated brew group in a reduced footprint.’

So that’s you at home drinking the best coffee in the world made by the best machine in the world and reading the latest issue of the best magazine in the world. There are some terms and conditions, of course (here), but basically, you just gotta fill the form out above. Good luck!

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