Will Vans Booties Help Us Surf Like Harry Bryant?

Photos by SA Rips

Vans know footwear, and Harry Bryant knows surfing.

So, when we called him up to go test out the Surf Boot Hi, we knew we’d get the definitive answer to the age-old question: are booties actually wearable? We can’t speak for other brands, but after seeing Harry take the Vans Surf Boot—complete with extra-sticky grip in key traction areas, liquid-rubber-dipped upper and the classic Vans checkerboard-print with a high ankle to keep the water out—the answer is 100% yes. Vans have taken decades of research and expertise in designing some of the world’s most recognisable footwear, and translated it into a completely solid pair of neoprene booties that’ll keep your feet warm in the coldest conditions. But why are you listening to a bunch of weekend warriors who spend more time at a desk than in the water?

Here’s what young Harry had to say about his dalliance with the Vans Surf Boot Hi:

‘They’re heaps comfy, super-grippy, and they don’t suck.’

So there you have it. Go grab a pair.

Vans’ Surf Boot Hi is available now at selected Vans Surf retailers and www.vans.com.au

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