Who’s Joining Pell on His Highway to Hell?

Oh, what glorious times we live in when proud journalists defend the actions of a convicted rock spider.

News Corp’s finest troops Miranda Devine and Andrew Bolt leapt in where angels fear to tread this week by casting doubt on the guilty verdict handed down to confirmed paedophile Cardinal George Pell.

Pell defender number one: News Crop journalist Miranda Devine

In case you didn’t hear, the third most powerful man in the Catholic Church was found guilty of sexually penetrating a child under 16 and four other counts of indecent acts with a child under 16. He orally raped a 13-year-old choirboy and did a bunch of other nasty shit to the boy’s friend, who subsequently OD’d from heroin in 2014.

The jury verdict was unanimous. At the Cardinal’s bail hearing, his scumbag lawyer, Robert Richter, tried to get the penalty reduced from 50 years in the clink by claiming the oral rape was a ‘plain vanilla sexual penetration case where the child is not actively participating,’ forever putting everyone off barristers and vanilla ice cream. He later apologised, but I’m sticking with choc mint from now on.

‘Journalist’ Andrew Bolt claimed Pell was a scapegoat.

The judge told Richter to GTFO and Pell was carted off to prison to await sentencing on March 13. If he doesn’t get off on appeal, that is. Which he might, if Bolt, Devine and the other Paedopologists manage to convince an appeal court that the verdict was unreasonable. Bolt claimed Pell was a scapegoat, saying he was, ‘falsely convicted of sexually abusing two boys in their early teens. That’s my opinion, based on the overwhelming evidence.’ That’s the same evidence that convinced a jury to unanimously convict. Evidence that Bolt has not seen.

John Howard became prime minister the same year Pell committed his crimes.

Other supporters of the world’s most powerful kiddy fiddler are former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who wrote the Cardinal a glowing character reference for his bail application; and former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. On radio this week, Abbott said this was a shocking and devastating result. When asked for whom, Abbott said, ‘for the friends of Cardinal Pell, and as you say I am one, devastating for all who believe in the Catholic Church, and I’m also one of those.’

Abbott said on the radio that Pell ‘has been a friend of mine for a long time, and at a time like this you’ve got to feel for people’.

No mention of the victims of sexual abuse, or consideration as to how they might feel when prominent public figures scoff at the rule of law during one of the rare moments when it actually looks like punishing a PAEDOPHILE RAPIST who happens to be their best bud. A reminder to the voters of Warringah in Sydney—Tony Abbott is up for re-election this year.

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