Who Run The Beach

Women’s surfing has courted controversy for some time.

And for valid reasons. Corporate exploitation, unjust paradigms and mind-boggling pay gaps are factors impacting those who ride the waves but lack the y chromosome, but if there’s anything the double x members of the human tribe have been known to do, it’s overcome adversity with equal parts grace and vigour. It feels as if the tides are turning and the waves of change are upon us (Dad pun/metaphor, I know), and here are 5 women who have proven that by paving their own way with middle fingers raised.

  1. Jaleesa Vincent

Propeller cap-wielding, layback (b/s or f/s) connoisseur and all-round individual, with emphasis on All-Round Individual. Jaleesa paints, plays, taps, surfs and probably does anything else you can think of and everything else you can’t, too.

  1. Holly Wawn

In a surf-climate where people are peeling stickers off their boards with each passing day, Holly is sticking new ones on. Coincidence? I think not! (Incredibles reference, sorry.)

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  1. Karina Rozunko

There’s a certain something-something about women on longboards that guys just won’t ever achieve. Karina is a great example of this phenomenon. Grace, style, finesse, creativity, etc.

  1. Margaux Arramon-tuccoo

You think you’re cool? You might get funny-person-at-the-dinner-table cool, but you’ll never get Margaux longboarding in Biarritz cool. Un pain au chocolat, merci.

  1. Steph Gilmore

Sure she might not be the up-and-comer that the rest of these gals are, but she’s the modern OG and an inspiration in the world of surf, setting a nice precedent for the future of women’s surf with, ‘I’m not trying to be adorable on a wave, I’m trying to be ferocious.’

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