‘When We Were Young’ Lineup Brings Heavy Emo Nostalgia

Your lipstick, his collar, don’t bother angel, I know exactly what goes on…

If you just sang those lyrics in the voice of Adam Lazzara, you might wanna be sitting down for this. The aptly titled When We Were Young festival lineup has just been announced, and um, if you had a side fringe in the early 2000’s, you’re gonna be beside yourself.

Taking place at Las Vegas Festival Ground on October 22 this year, it features My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Bright Eyes, Dashboard Confessional, AFI, Senses Fail, Manchester Orchestra, Jimmy Eat World, and more. It’s like Vans Warped Tour on steroids.

Are we pulling your malnourished chicken leg wrapped in skinny jeans? No, it’s 100% confirmed this is very real—the presale link went live today. But be prepared, this ain’t the good ‘ol days of 10 bucks at the door anymore; general admission will cost you $225 USD. But getting to relive the glory of a high pitch Dashboard singalong about your high school crush’s hair being EVERYWHEREEEE? Priceless.

No, I had no idea Aaron Paul was in the music video, either. I actually looked up Chris Carrabba last year in a moment of longing for my old alter-emo and discovered he was in a pretty bad motorbike accident, so his inclusion on the lineup is a good indication that he’s healed and ready to wail in public again. Speaking of wailing, how good was this one?

No, I had no idea a poor man’s Ed Norton was in the music video, either. But I just had a quick look into what Taking Back Sunday’s vocalist Adam Lazzara has been up to these past 15 or so years and it involves three children, a few more albums, and one DUI. Remember the beef he and (now cancelled) Jesse Lacey had back in the day? Lit up Absolute Punk forums like a Christmas tree. Ah, those were the days.

So dust off your stovepipes and sharpen your eyeliner, coz we’re rejoining the black parade October 22. It’s gonna be fun, cathartic, and probably a little bit embarrassing.

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