What To Watch While The Tour Isn’t Happening

The ‘CT. Love it or hate it, or love it but pretend to hate it, we all watch it.

And why wouldn’t we? Sure, the enterprise is somewhat bastardising surf culture and profiteering off its rebellious roots while simultaneously tearing them out, but you know what? At the end of the day, that enterprise still has the best surfers in the world battling it out at the best waves in the world. And there’s nothing as primally satisfying as watching two men (or women) go toe-toe, we’ve been doing it since the dawn of time. The man-on-man heats are to surfing what the octagon is to the UFC. Colosseums and gladiators never left, they’ve just adapted with spandex and neoprene. So here are some things to get your hi-fi surf fix whilst the best in the world aren’t allowed into the colosseum. P.S. If you’re actually looking for footage of your favourite WCT’ers I suggest you go to Instagram.

Chapter 11.TV
Dane’s back! Rejoice! CH11.tv is a new video-series in the cesspool of internet vlogs. Except this one isn’t cut with acid-level saturation and ungodly house music while telling you to jump out of planes to live your best life. And isn’t that wonderful.

Tan Madonna
Knost’s full-length, which premiered late last year. Unorthodox and refreshing, two things one can’t take for granted in today’s day and age.

Speaking of full-lengths, this may be the best one this whole year. I know it’s July, I know there’s still 5 months of the year left—and I still know it’s the best film this year. Shot and directed by Shane Fletcher and starring Wade Goodall, along with an all-star Vans cast cameo featuring Harry Bryant, Nathan Fletcher, Dane Reynolds, the Gudaskaus brothers and more.

Soft Serve
Although recently reported on, a part like this deserves a victory lap. Kael Walsh makes his debut post-injury return with poise and aggression, and digs his footprint a little deeper into the freesurfing world. Watch this space, ladies and gents.

This is not self-promotion. This is a promotion for sticker-less star of the film Kalani Ball, who happens to be digging a new pool for someone in their backyard at the moment. Someone throw the kid some vinyl decals and dollar bills already.

Lost Atlas
Kai Neville’s second full-length. And if I didn’t have you at ‘Kai Neville’ or ‘full-length’, I know I’ve got you here: ‘It’s Free’.

This may not be your hi-fi surf fix, but it features the elusive Mr. Rastovich, who is a scarce—though never underappreciated—visage in the world of surf. It is also one of the most genuinely inspiring films I’ve seen and reaffirms how fucking great the ocean is. So click play, cuddle up, feel the love, recycle your shit, and enjoy.

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