What The Mayor Said

The situation in the United States has left me lost for words.

Which sucks because that’s what I get paid for: words. But what can you say? I mean, it’s no surprise. With its long, bitter history of systemic racism, these protests have always been in the mail for America, and unfortunately, they’ve gone off right in the middle of a pandemic. As a white Australian, it’s not my place to condone or condemn the protesters, and what would be the point of that anyway? The only thing I can say is this shit is sad. Sad and dumb. You always hear how ‘evil’ racism is, but at its core, racism is just really fucking dumb. Is anarchy the answer? Will a new world rise up from the ashes or will there just be ashes and more hatred? An acquaintance of mine in New York said this in an Instagram post last night:

‘Every police officer owes us an explanation for their participation in and support for an institution that has thoroughly bankrupted the trust of the people who pay for their equipment and for their buildings and for their salaries and do so in expectation of safety and the preservation of their human rights. Come back out tonight. Stay out. Exhaust their resources and their physical strength. Push them to question why they are there and what they are doing.’

Anyway, of all the voices I’ve heard over the weekend, the Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, made the most sense. Click here for that, and then here for information about supporting the movement.

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