What Mike Said

On Monday, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a black man named George Floyd was murdered by police.

The cops were responding to a call about someone trying to pass a counterfeit bill in a store, and Floyd was arrested. Surveillance video shows him complying and being led away in handcuffs. But then cellphone footage shows a white cop kneeling on Floyd’s neck. He does this for seven fucking minutes, while onlookers protest that Floyd is dying. Floyd himself repeatedly says, ‘I can’t breathe,’ and finally, ‘I’m about to die.’ Then his body goes limp and the cop lifts his knee. You can actually hear someone off-camera say, ‘They just killed him.’ And they did. In front of everyone on a sunny Monday morning. 46-year-old George Floyd was taken to hospital and pronounced dead. It’s revolting. And Americans (the good ones, anyway) are pissed. But none more so than actor Michael Rapaport, who hit the nail right on the head with the below tweet.

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