We’re Up for Best Brand Story at the Vimeo Awards!

We’ve just been nominated by Vimeo for Best Brand Story!

What does that mean? Well, according to Vimeo, it means we’ve ‘used video in exceptional ways across their entire brand.’ Oh, stop. We’re blushing. Given the incredible films that get uploaded to Vimeo on a daily basis, we’re pretty stoked to be up for the award, and even more so when we heard the other incredible nominees we’re up against: Finisterre, Globe, Palace, Vissla, Yeti Cycles, Thrill Jockey Records, and more. Vimeo’s Best of the Year Awards go down in January, so until then, we’ll be rewatching some of our recent favourite films (below) and basking in a self-satisfied glow. Thanks, Vimeo.

One Night in New York: Aaron Herrington and Brian Delatorre

New York is a cold-hearted bitch. She’s the prettiest girl you’ve ever laid eyes on, and one you know could break your heart at any moment. Skating through New York is one of the most exhilarating and exhausting experiences. Before you know it, you’re too tired from skating to the spot to actually skate the spot. People are in your way everywhere and they all need something from you. The biggest police force in the country is out for you, too.  It’s riddled with cracks, potholes, glass, trash, and weather-beaten asphalt. The character of the city is undeniable, but you gotta have just as much heart as The Big Apple itself to keep your head up.

Everywhere Unseen

We went to the South Island of New Zealand and met with Kiwi photographers Jake Mein, Nick Rapley, Jereme Aubertin, and Beth Eastell. The idea was, while they’d all be travelling to the same destinations, each photographer would have a different take on their surroundings, providing us with four completely different points of view. Everyone loaded into the truck, cameras in hand, and for four days we travelled through the most remote areas of Te Waipounamu, stopping at Wanaka, The Catlins, Dunedin, and then back through Saint Bathans.

The Good Trip: Nick Pourfard

Music and skateboarding have always gone hand in hand, and Nick Pourfard makes the ultimate connection by creating guitars out of recycled skateboards. Nick combined his passions as an industrial design student teaching himself woodworking, illustration, and 3D design, ultimately turning that project into a business: Prisma Guitars. We spent a few days with Nick in his workshop in San Diego to document the process and learn more about his overall design philosophies.

10 Things I Hate with Todd Francis and Porous Walker

LA artists Todd Francis and Porous Walker might share a mutual love of irreverence, bad situations and bodily functions, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all sunshine and rainbows for these guys. We took the pair costume shopping in preparation for their art show, FOOLS, at 1700 Naud, and asked them to unload some of their biggest pet peeves.

Check out all the nominees and categories for Vimeo’s Festival and Awards here

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