We’re Now on Spotify!

You asked (100 or so times), we listened.

Monster Children have finally dialled in to the 21st century, and are now are the proud owners of a brand new Spotify channel. What took us so long? Well, it took us a little bit to call up 50 or so of the leading names in surf, music, art, and film and bug them for a playlist. Then we had some banana bread to bake, then after that we found an old PS4 in the cupboard and dusted it off, and then we pieced them all together and dropped them on Spotify for you to enjoy.

We’ve got—hold on tight as we name drop like nobody’s business—playlists from people like Stephanie Gilmore, Austyn Gillette, Nora Vasconcellos, The Growlers, Noa Deane, Evan Hecox, Flight Facilities, Dane Reynolds, Stanislava Pinchuk, Alex Olson, Curren Caples, Jake Anderson, Evan Mock, Nilufer Yanya, Winston Surfshirt, Lauren Winzer, Zippy Seven, Nuge, and more.

We’ll also be releasing our favourite new music every week (check it out below), so drop on by and give us a follow here.

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