We’re Going to Kate Bellm’s New Photo Show, Are You?

Photos by Kate Bellm

You’ve probably come across the work of Kate Bellm on these (virtual) pages before.

The English photographer—whose style resembles ‘Helmut Newton on acid’, according to one Monster Children staff member—splits her time between Mallorca and Mexico, which sounds like an absolute dream. It looks like it too, with many of her sun-drenched, psychedelic images taking place in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, or on balmy summer nights getting lost in the wilderness. Just writing that made my day feel a little bit more dull.

Kate’s subjects are equally as easy on the eyes, possessing carefree attitudes that stem from her ability to make the women in her photos feel at ease in front of the camera and in their surrounds—even if those surrounds include prickly cacti dangerously close to their nude bodies. Elegant, sensual, and never boring, you’ll be able to see Kate’s most incredible shots from the past decade this Friday night in Sydney, at China Heights Gallery. Kate will be there too, and if you’re lucky, she might even sign your recently purchased copy of AMOR, her new photo book overflowing with all the shots hanging in the gallery space, plus more.

AMOR by Kate Bellm opens at China Heights Gallery this Friday, the 15th of November, from 6-8 pm. And if you’re looking for more incredible art shows in Sydney, here’s five shows you shouldn’t miss this month

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