Welcome to the Internet, Have a Look Around

I haven’t yet watched comedian Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special, Inside, but if this song is anything to go by, it’s genius.

Burnham created the special in 2020 during lockdown. He wrote, performed and edited the show, and according to The Guardian’s Brian Logan, the one-man endeavour has produced ‘a comedy Gesamtkunstwerk, a journey to the nerve-centre of the quarantined entertainer’s mind, a son et lumière Robinson Crusoe musical for the age of not just social but digital isolation.’ Now, I don’t know much about Gesamtkunstwerk (I’m still on schadenfreude), but this video/song is brilliant, particularly the part where he describes the world as it was before 9/11 when the internet was something that happened in cafes for around $10 an hour, and not something you carried around in your pocket and engaged with 28 hours per week minimum (look it up). Pessimistic? Despairing? Hoffnungslosigkeit? You betcha, but watch it anyway. Fullscreen, full volume.


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