Welcome to ‘Neck of the Woods’

Airlines are grounded, state lines barred, and the word ‘vacation’ looks to be going the way of the dodo for a while.

That’s one way of looking at it, or you could open your eyes a little wider and see that the thermos is half-full and there’s travel and adventure to be had a little closer to home. Welcome to Neck of the Woods, an engrossing, burr-studded, wood-smoke stinkin’ collection of features, interviews, photo essays, tips and bits, all revolving around the far and exotic reaches of your own backyard.

We’ll be rolling out a different Neck of the Woods story every day to get you psyched and to make you feel not as land-locked as you might reasonably feel during this son-of-a-bitch pandemic. We’re gonna be talking gear and travel tech, we’ll be sharing stories from our vast family of contributors from all corners of the globe, and, dammit, we’re gonna have some fun on planet Earth if it kills us.

There’ll be things about food and where to find it, wine and how to get it out of the bottle, stories about camping and how to avoid snakes, ideas for places to go, things to see, stuff to throw rocks at, and there’ll be lots and lots of amazing photos and videos from all over the place. It’s basically going to be the best time your eyes ever had, and with any luck, it’ll push you off the couch and have you looking through the linen closet for your sleeping bag. Please join us as we head for the Neck… of the Woods. Watch this space.

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