We Regret to Inform You That Pete ‘5G’ Evans is Running for Senate

In news that we should’ve seen coming: Pete Evans is joining politics.

Announced at the YouTube-conspiracy-theorist-wormhole witching hour of 1 am was the news that Evans would be joining former One Nation senator Rod Culleton and his Great Australian Party, which sounds anything but.

It seems the former TV host and celebrity chef, current anti-vaxxer and 5G conspiracy theorist is unphased by the controversy that’s surrounded him of late which includes, but is not limited to: being permanently removed from Facebook for spreading COVID misinformation, being dropped from multiple brand endorsements and his publisher after posting a Neo-nazi symbol, and having his podcast removed from Spotify due to ‘violation of standards.’

But back to his burgeoning career in politics and a statement from Culleton about how stoked he is to have Petey on the team: ‘Pete Evans has consistently demonstrated courage in exposing matters of public information and interest, provoking much-needed debate despite personal cost to himself,’ he said in a statement. ’I believe Pete Evans will effectively and diligently represent GAP’s growing membership base and all NSW constituents. Pete possesses the essential attributes required to challenge the status quo and restore the rule of law as defined in our constitution.’


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Culleton resigned from One Nation back in 2016, saying there was a whole lot of ‘un-Australian behaviour’ going on, to which Pauline ‘Pls Explain’ Hanson responded, saying Culleton was ‘a pain in my backside’ and that she was ‘glad to see the back of him.’ What’s that saying about making stupid people famous?

Watch this space, sheeple.

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