We Made Some New T-Shirts!

Photos by Jess James

We made some new t-shirts!

One has a cowboy on it and one features death metal writing because we do what we want, so there. Both t-shirts have the requisite holes for your heads and arms and, of course, the big hole at the bottom for your trunk. Warning: Neither of these t-shirts is pants. They could be a scarf, but never pants. Blah, blah, blah, t-shirts!

Death Metal Tee

Let everyone know you’re keen on death, hate, destruction, and black metal with this brutal new t-shirt we made in collaboration with Satan himself. Don’t wear this one to the Pearly Gates—they won’t let you in.

Get it here.

Love, Pain & Shame Tee

This cowboy t-shirt is only for real cowboys who do real cowboy stuff: spittin’, drinkin’, sayin’ ‘Howdy,’ and eatin’ poke bowls. Yee-haw! Lasso one while stocks last!

Not pictured: the ‘Priest 2 Meet U’ t-shirt. It’s real and you can see it HERE.

Get all this shit here. 

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