We Got Some Puppet ‘FRIENDS’ at 1700 Naud

We’re not lonely… Puppets count, right?

It’s no wonder that during isolation we found ourselves gravitating towards artist and puppeteer, Cory Jones—our current artist-in-residence at 1700 Naud. There’s actually been quite a bit of puppet-related action recently, and Cory’s show hasn’t been my sole encounter with puppets. For a trivia show last week, a puppet was required on set, and I felt like a serial killer as I stumbled down the streets of DTLA with arms outstretched, holding a life-like, life-sized puppet named ‘Daniel’, wrapped in a plastic sheet mere inches from my face. I know he wasn’t real…but I kept thinking about Chucky, and that had me thinking twice.

Photos by Morgan Rindengan

Anyway, if you’ve been feeling isolated and alone because of the ‘rona, have we’ve got a show for you. Channelling his alter ego into puppet characters like ‘The Fuzz’, Cory Jones has been hard at work for the past few months transforming the space into an alternate puppet universe. Using everything from cardboard and foam to vintage t-shirts and fabric, our newest in-residence artist is launching the show FRIENDS, on display from March 22 through March 29. 

While appointments for the show are currently fully booked, you can still come by and say hello. Covid protocol will be enforced (meaning face masks, hand sanitizer and a limit of 4 guests per appointment in the gallery) but we’re excited to see your eyes light up at the sight of our friends.

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