Watch Torren Martyn in Lost Track: New Zealand

Remember travelling?

Everyone’s feeling the pain of closed borders right now, pining to get back to the good old days when you could fly to New Zealand, jump on a couple of Himalayan adventure bikes and spend three months zigzagging through rugged mountains in search of surf and solitude. If you need a little something to help jog your memory of those glory days, Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell’s new surf doc should do the trick.

When we caught up with Folkwell a few months ago, he’d almost finished editing Lost Track and was psyched to finally release it. ‘It’s an hour long, we’ve tried to give it a lot more structure and keep people engaged, and it’s definitely the project I’m most excited to get out into the world,’ he said.

Exploring the north and south islands of New Zealand by motorbike and documenting their trip had long been a dream for the duo—who are childhood friends and longtime collaborators—knowing their chosen mode of transport would prove challenging, but ultimately worthwhile. And by the looks of things, they were dead right.

The raw beauty of New Zealand is captured spectacularly in the film, as Torren and Ishka ride through constantly changing landscapes, battling some wild weather along the way. ‘The harder it is, generally the better the film, Folkwell says. ‘And three months is a good amount of time because it gives you time to properly explore things, and you’re not stressing about whether you have the footage because you know things are gonna happen in three months. You get to sort of drop into it a bit more—I guess that amount of time just allows you to make the film a lot more naturally.’

Covering about 14,000km in total on customised Royal Enfield motorcycles equipped with surfboards and camping essentials, Lost Track covers every element of their adventure—battling wild weather, thawing out by the fire, Torren discovering his bee allergy the hard way, and most importantly, the ultimate payoff: perfect waves.

Rumour has it there’s another travel film by these guys in the works already. Last year, they spent three months driving a van across Europe with the same idea in mind—to document their journey and share their trip of a lifetime with the rest of us. Sounds like a classic case of living the dream. Anyway, if you’re looking to cure for your wanderlust blues, press play.

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