Watch Toby Cregan’s ‘Good Call’

Ahh, West Aus. The mythical land that the majority of Australia won’t get to see until 2022.

Actually, probably 2024 at the rate McGowan is going. Good Call seems like a fitting name for a surf trip squeezed in while it was still allowed. Featuring all the usual Bong suspects (Joel Parko and Creed) alongside a few of the youngens (Jai Glindeman and Liam O’Brien) taking on The Box and Northies in the Wild West. Also includes impressive runs and wipe-outs from the rest of the Billabong team including Ryan Callinan, Italo Ferreira, Ethan Ewing, Isabella Nichols, Mia McCarthy, Griffin Colapinto, Jack Freestone, Seth Moniz, and Sid Englert. Perfectly soundtracked to didgeridoo mixed in with some rock—an ode to Australian surfing and the place we’re all wishing to get to soon. Hit play above.

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