Watch the Trailer for ‘North Hollywood’

The trailer for Mikey Alfred’s directorial debut, North Hollywood, is here, and it’s peppered with some of skateboarding’s biggest names.

Positioning itself as the ‘first movie about becoming a pro skater’, North Hollywood stars Ryder McLaughlin (mid90s), Vince Vaughan and Miranda Cosgrove, with a huge supporting cast and list of cameos we first catch a glimpse of in the trailer: Andrew Reynolds, Tyshawn Jones, Louie Lopez, P-Rod, and more.

Despite the hype that’s surrounded North Hollywood and the big names attached to the project (Pharrell Williams is credited in the role of producer), a distributor is still yet to sign on for the film, so a theatrical release is still pending. Check out the trailer above and if you like what you see, like, share and support.


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