Watch the New Trailer for Music Doc ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom’

Set against the backdrop of 9/11 and a world unaware of the seismic cultural shifts about to occur, Meet Me in the Bathroom tells the story of an era-defining period of rock ‘n’ roll—and it’s just gotten its first official trailer.

Inspired by Lizzy Goodman’s bestselling book of the same name and told through the eyes of bands like The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol and more, the new documentary from directors Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace explores New York City’s musical rebirth of the early 2000s. It was a few hard and fast years of worldwide fame for the bands in the scene—all the more impressive when you remember that this was a pre-social media, no-iphones-at-gigs kind of world.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs in 2002 by Max Knies

In an interview with Monster Children, author Lizzie Goodman described being a ‘sounding board’ for the documentary’s directors, and her satisfaction with how ‘immersive’ they were able to make the documentary. ‘I wanted the doc to have that sense of being dropped into a portal to a lost era and the whole thing is happening while you’re watching it, not being told a story retroactively,’ Goodman said. ‘That’s something that Dylan [Southern] and I talked a lot about: immersion. What I’m really proud of is the amount of research and work that they put into this doc to find archival footage and things pulled out from under people’s beds and closets. How alive this doc feels is really impressive and has always been important to me.’

Hit play on the trailer above, and catch Meet Me in the Bathroom when it hits screens in NYC and LA on November 4, followed by US-wide screenings on November 8. For the rest of us suckers overseas, catch it on Showtime from November 25.

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