Watch Sierra Lerback, Zye Norris, Andrew Brophy and More in ‘Last Weekend’

64 hours.

That’s how much precious time you have at your disposal between Friday knock off and Monday clock on. Along with our friends at GoPro, we decided to push the weekend hours to their very limits, and see how much can really get crammed into one weekend when you don’t spend the better part of your freedom hours nursing a hangover on the couch.

We called up friends of MC, Sierra Lerback, Zye Norris, Andrew Brophy, Chase Jaeger and Jimmy Lees for a strike mission to North Stradbroke Island—a  tropical getaway that’s more than achievable for a quick 64. Friday arvo rolled around, and after slamming laptops shut, hanging up tools and jumping into pre-packed cars (always be prepared kids), we were ready to roll.

With playlists carefully chosen, we slid onto the car ferry that would take us over the water to Straddie, where warm water and playful waves on the Northern side awaited, made infinitely better by the completely empty lineup.  Zye and Sierra got to work on their crossovers, swapping boards, cameras, and high fives with Chase and Brophy as they passed in the lineup.

After few too many hours cooking in the tropical sun, we decided to pull the pin and get a feed with a side of cold beer. With tanks successfully fuelled, we decided to explore the island’s beautiful natural tea tree lake, floating around in the dark brown waters and not leaving until we’d unlocked the appropriate level of refreshment. Zye strapped his chest mount and GoPro on his chest and hit the sand on his Triumph, assessing the beach for the perfect campsite.

The rest of the weekend passed in a hazy blur of chasing waves, fishing, traversing empty beaches, exploring the wilderness, surfing till our arms dropped off (and then heading to the skate park when they did). Sunrise over Deadman’s Beach, swimming in North Gorge, surfing around the island, and fishing off the rocks at Cylinders were highlights on a trip with zero lowlights. Turns out the Sunday scaries aren’t a thing when you’re surfing perfect waves with your good mates on a tropical island. Hit play on Last Weekend above, thanks to GoPro. Get your GoPro Hero 10 Here and all the accessories you can think of to master all these shots and more.

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