Watch ‘That Friend You Hate’

I was watching this award-winning short by Eli Shapiro and thinking, ‘Oh, God, I so have that friend.

And then I realized, actually, I am that friend. I’m an annoying idiot. But, you know what they say, annoying idiots are actually really cool, and that’s what this film is about—that and winning prizes. That Friend You Hate took home the Charles & Lucille King Award for Screenwriting, the James Richard Janowsky Award, the NYU First Run Film Festival Ensemble Acting Craft Award, the FRFF Editing Craft Award, it was officially selected for a bunch of other awards, and it took home the meat raffle at Bondi RSL (I actually won the meat raffle there in 2015 and I never felt more alive). Watch this new short movie by Eli and hang on to your friends, even the annoying ones.

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