Watch Shaun Manners in ‘GUILTY II’

Damage and joy.

The two words you’re about to see sprayed under a Manners board (still with Billabong stickers, might I add) and the very words I’d probably use to describe the GUILTY II film by James Kates for EPØKHE. So cheers, Manners, for making it easier to come up with a way to introduce yet another insane display of reckless abandon from a kid who is quickly becoming one of surfing’s most loved.

Adding to the hype is the second release of the signature GUILTY frames by Shaun Manners for EPØKHE, featuring a snake etched along the sides of the popular frame; an insignia much like the explosive style you’re about to witness. In fact, in order to protect your eyeballs from such wizardry (and the sun), I’d suggest buying a pair of sunnies first and then watching. Or just watch this outside, so then you definitely need an excuse to snap up a pair before they sell out again.

Shop the range here. 

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