Watch: New Burton and Pirate Life Flick ‘Scurvy’

The slopes have been reopened!

And to celebrate—and get you stoked to go somewhere and do something—Burton and Pirate Life Brewing have released a new vid called Scurvy. You might remember that in 2019, Burton and Pirate Life release a particularly delicious beverage called Frontside Ale. Maybe you even drank some. It was very delicious, wasn’t it? In fact, it was so delicious, the two companies wondered what other delicious things they could concoct, and that was how Scurvy was born.

Featuring Jye Kearney, Carlos Garcia Knight, Josh Anderson, Troy Sturrock, JJ Rayward, Bryce Bugera, and Maggie Leon, Scurvy was shot in Sudbury in South East Ontario, Canada, and the Whistler region in British Columbia—two places known for having a great deal of snow. Marcus Skin was behind the camera, so you know this is a good flick. And even if you can’t make it up the mountain right now, clip-in, turn your AC up, scrape some frost out of the freezer and put it down the back of your undies and watch Scurvy.

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