WATCH: Schleem Teem

Video by Erik Bragg. Photos by Andrew Peters.

‘I love it when a plan comes together.’ – Hannibal, The A-Team

Well, look. We’re not the A-Team, we’re the Schleem Teem and our plan fell apart. Or rather, plans. Almost all of them. Ok, all of them. First, The Schleem Teem: Dan Plunkett (VIPanic), Nora Vasconcellos (Mascot), Ryan Townley (Papa Pop), Andrew Peters (Sherpa & Photos), Kerry Fisher (Moral Compass), Erik Bragg (Video & Molotov Cocktails), Brad Staba (Pizzaboy).

No turning back now.
Nora pullin’ a purple people eater backside air.
Ever back tailed a cooler? nah, me neither. Plunkett has though.

We packed the van with bikes, boards, and beers, and then we unpacked it and tried again, a few times. None of us had ever put 6 bikes in a van before, I’m sure of it.

Derby is one of the oldest surviving skateparks in North America. Designed in 1974 and built in 1976, it’s still a classic. Kerry Fisher sidewalk surfs a vintage-era backside powerslide for the ages.

“Whatever, off to wine country! What’s that? It’s on fire? All of wine country is on fire? K, we’ll just drive to Big Sur and camp next to a river and float for miles!”

Bragg in his mobile production suite.
Yup, look at that, another beautiful tree on the side of the road!

We set out, set up camp, then drove to the other side of town, blew up a bunch of zany floats thinking they’d be cute for the video and the river didn’t move. At all. So we got back to the van and drove to our camp spot and floated there. Look, this story might sound like a series of failed plans and you’re right. And that’s okay.

Bomb tre’s, not countries. Nora knows.
Six wheels of pure enjoyment.

Riding our bikes through the forest to the skatepark, life looked like a fairytale. We were floating around like children on unicorns and skippin’ rocks until our stomachs hurt from laughing so much. We didn’t plan that.

Townley blasting a picture-perfect backside grab.
You know the photographer has to get some too. Andrew Peters with a dipped bs smith around the bend.

Sometimes plans change. Hell, the whole damn world had a major change of plans, but if you surround yourself with rad people, and go with the flow, you’re gonna be just fine. We had a blast. So get yourself a little Schleem Teem of your own, and go for a drive. Doesn’t really matter which direction.

Nora, boneless off the rock and back onto the bike shortly after.
Dan Plunkett. One foot on the board, one foot in the grave. Both feet on the pedals after this one. Or somethin’ like that.

Get yourself a bike from Fairdale and hit the road, plans or not.

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