Watch: Randy Randall’s Performance at Virtual SXSW

SXSW didn’t happen in 3D this year because we’re still not allowed to breathe near each other in America.

SXSW 2021 was a virtual event, featuring 289 acts performing 15-minute pre-recorded sets over five days. Maybe you saw it. Maybe you took the week off work and covered yourself with dirt and took drugs at home to get the full experience. Perhaps you even boarded up your bathroom so you couldn’t go to the toilet and then staggered around your home gnawing at a hotdog on a stick and calling out for someone called ‘Meagan’. At any rate, SXSW was streamed this year and our mate Randy Randall of No Age fame played a pretty gorgeous set. I say ‘set’, but, really, he made a cool music video (directed by Scott Cornish and shot by Aaron Farley) and submitted it to the SXSW organizers to be slotted into the online schedule. If you’ve got some headphones handy, you should plug them in for this. It’s not a No Age show, but it is very satisfying nonetheless. ‘Stay safe,’ said Randy. ‘I can’t wait to be in close proximity with all of you once it is feasible.’ Not long now, surely.


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