Watch Radiohead’s New Music Video for ‘If You Say The Word’

Radiohead has revealed a brand-new video for ‘If You Say The Word’, and no office worker is safe.

Created by Norwegian director Kasper Häggström, the video sees presumably escaped businessmen and women strewn about the English countryside, enjoying some blank moments of solace before being rounded up by hunters and hauled back to the city like the corporate cattle they are. They’re then delivered to their natural habitat (the city’s central business district) and left to wander aimlessly about—kind of what most of Australia will be doing once lockdown is over and it’s *business as usual* again.

‘If You Say The Word’ is taken from Radiohead’s upcoming KID A MNESIA reissue package, set for release on 5th November via XL Recordings / Remote Control. KID A MNESIA will feature the band’s fourth and fifth albums, alongside the debut of a newly compiled third disc, titled Kid Amnesiae.

Elsewhere in the Radiohead universe, Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood have curated a show for Christie’s, on display this October in London. The show will be auctioning off six of Donwood’s paintings, created in the years surrounding the creation of Kid A and one of the band’s most recognisable album covers. Read more about that here, and hit play on the new video below.

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