Watch Polar’s New Full-Length Skate Video ‘We Blew It At Some Point’

It’s a privilege and a blessing when a skate video of this quality—which premiered across Australia just a couple of weeks ago—comes out online for free.

No need to hunt down that long-forgotten iTunes password or cop the sting on your credit card, because the dudes at Polar are doing everyone a solid and throwing it out there complimentary.

The vid features skateboarding from the likes of Nick Boserio, Emile Laurent, David Stenström, Oskar Rozenberg, Aaron Herrington, Andrew Wilson, Shin Sanbongi, Hjalte Halberg, Paul Grund, Roman Gonzalez and Dane Brady.

With an abundance of full-speed street lines, plus some heavy slams and seccy-presh to boot, We Blew It At Some Point is an instant classic. This comes as no surprise, since it was the brainchild of legendary skate-film aficionado Pontus Alv, who’s a Swedish DIY enthusiast, veteran skate videographer and the guy behind Polar Skate Co.

Clocking in at 34 minutes, We Blew It At Some Point is one for the Luddites: no drones, no slow mo, no gimmicky camera stuff, just raw, fast-paced street and tranny skating. That’s not to infer that the film lacks beauty; on the contrary, it’s a visual splendour, with grainy Super 8 footage interspersed with HD clips and tidy follow-cam lines. So go on, dive in.

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