Watch Our New Film ‘Temptation Suppression’

Film by Michael Cukr, photos by Andrew James Peters

Tokyo is hard as hell to skate.

With amazing architecture comes 24-hour security, 14 million people clogging up the streets, and island humidity that will soak your clothes in 2 minutes flat.

And don’t forget about the constant stimulation… In a city where temptation rests on every corner—from street-side vending machines that serve beer and cigarettes to sex shops that sell any type of fetish your fucked up mind requires—it’s important to practice a little restraint every once in awhile to keep your eye on the prize. The adidas Skateboarding squad put their temptations aside for a week and pulled off some of the best skateboarding the city’s ever seen. Kanpai, homies!

Frankie Spears blasts a front 3 into oncoming traffic.
Dan “the man” Mancina pushes it to the max with a switch drop in. Limited sight, maximum stoke.
SBN with a picture perfect BSN (backside noseblunt, you idiot).
Karaoke + boat = karaoke boat party. Or heaven. Whichever you prefer, really.
Skate Copa Classic serving krooks, regs and switch.
Shin Sanbongi backside noseblunts on a playground structure sent from above.
Get money, get shinners. You win some, you lose some.
Jake Donnelly will keep the vibes high and steal your money, guaranteed.
Diego Najera with a classic push on the streets of Shibuya.
Temptations abound in Tokyo Town.
Donnelly, hardfilp at a classic hip spot down by the river.
This Shinjuku double set is an instant bust. Fuck it. Frankie Spears, nollie tre with security close behind.
Skate Copa Classic.
‘Til next time, Tokyo. Kanpai!

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Watch Our New Film ‘Temptation Suppression’

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