Watch the New Trailer for ‘Last Black Man in San Francisco’

This year’s breakout film at Sundance has just gotten its first trailer, and it looks like the hype is well-deserved.

Winner of Best Director and a Special Jury Award at Sundance 2019, Last Black Man in San Francisco is brought to you by indie powerhouse A24 (the production company behind Moonlight, Mid90s, The Florida Project, and Good Time).

In the film, actor Jimmy Fails plays a semi-autobiographical version of himself: a young man obsessed with the Victorian-style home his grandfather built in the ’40s, now in the hands of new owners thanks to a fresh wave of gentrification throughout the Bay Area. Jimmy and his friend Montgomery (played by Jonathan Majors), attempt to hold onto the city of their childhood by breaking into his grandad’s old house, imagining the lives they’d create for themselves if San Francisco could just stay frozen in time. Exploring themes of race, gentrification, delusion, and friendship in a cinematically stunning portrait of city, this is one film you should keep an eye out for when it drops in June.

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