Watch New FORMER Video ‘System Is Yours’

You’re talkin’ Dane Reynolds, you’re talkin’ Craig Anderson; you got ya Benny Howard, you got Kaito Ohashi, and you got the lord of lords—Andrew ‘Droid’ Doheny.

Basically, you’ve got the best surf vid of 2022. ‘But Crom,’ you say, ‘we’re not even halfway through the year yet—how can make that claim? And also, you don’t even surf, cunt. What would you know?’

Right. Firstly, fuck off. Don’t use the C-word on my website, right? You’re not down the back paddock with your mates. You’re on the internet. Children read this shit. Secondly, I might not surf, but I’ve seen enough surfing to know the difference between good and bad. I’ve been to Pipe, man. I was almost beaten up for wearing my shoes on someone’s deck and Beau Foster wrote me a poem. Did you ever do that? No. So can the insults and go back to sniffing your fingers (wow, this cold ‘n’ flu medicine is amazing).

Shot over the last 18 months, System Is Yours is a 16min-long surf film, featuring a really good soundtrack (who chooses these songs?) matched with some sick, and ‘eclectic’ (their word) surfing. Edited by Dane (I’m betting he picked the songs), and showcasing sessions from Australia to Central America, Mexico, and Hawaii, System Is Yours is exactly what you’d expect from FORMER’s first-team movie in a minute. Click play above and look at the nice pictures I resized and uploaded for you to look at.

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